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Automotive Services in Farmington

It’s important to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Basin Tire & Auto Inc. offers tire service, but we also offer service for brakes, shocks, struts, air conditioning and front end work. We are available 24 hours a day for emergency roadside assistance.


Brake Services

Some common brake problems are squeaking and grinding noises, steering wheel shaking, the brake pedal feels spongy, or your car seems wobbly while driving at highway speeds. If you recognize any of these warning signs, call Basin Tire & Auto Inc. before it’s too late. Waiting too long to fix the brake pads could lead to drums and rotors needing to be replaced as well, ultimately costing you more money. Save money and call us right away!


Vehicle Shocks & Suspension

Shock absorbers are essential in keeping your tires in contact with the ground at all times. If your shocks need replacing, the contact your tires have with the ground is broken or reduced. This will severely compromise your ability to drive, steer and brake. Basin Tire & Auto Inc. can repair and replace your car’s shocks.


Trailer Strut Work

Struts suspend the frame of your car above the wheels. All of your vehicle’s weight rests on your struts. Sometimes your struts just need repairs, but if you notice excessive bouncing of your vehicle, the vehicle’s rear end dips/nose dives, tires start cupping or you notice leaking fluid out of the strut, call to have Basin Tire & Auto Inc. run a maintenance check on your vehicle.

Air Conditioning Service

Car Air Conditioning

Basin Tire & Auto Inc. know the value of an air conditioned ride in your vehicle. If your car’s air conditioning isn’t running smoothly, call us right away. We have the experience to repair and replace all of the components of the a/c system.

Front End Work

Front End Car Work

Your vehicles front end alignment is important regarding the life of the tires. If your vehicle is misaligned, you can damage or wear out your tires. Warning signs that your vehicle needs to be aligned are: your vehicle pulls to one side of the road or your steering vibrates. Call Basin Tire & Auto Inc. for a front end alignment.

24-Hour Roadside Service

Roadside Assistance

Basin Tire & Auto Inc. will be there in case of an emergency. You may find yourself on the side of the road needing assistance. That’s when you give us a call. We will be there to help!

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